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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

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President Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America has recently enacted major new banking regulations and tax evasion legislation which has been past through Congress on Capitol Hill which will now strengthen the social and economic fabric of the western democratic capitalist systems which to date have been inflicting substantial hardship on law abiding citizens of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The Carroll Trust National Security Public Interests Case is the = Flag Ship Route Map = to a more socially responsible society.

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The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case is one of the largest organized criminal conspiracy and corruption affairs in modern economic history. The Carroll Trust $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) embezzlement of funds liquidation of assets on a world wide basis is held with in a complete = LOCKDOWN = at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Specialist Operations Directorate within a "cross-border" US HM Crown National Security Public Interests Case.

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  1. I have posted a letter to Mr CARROLL as copied below. I am sure the British Postalk Service is reliable. But here it is published.
    4th December 2011


    Your problems with Mike FULLER Ann Barnes and Kent Police

    I thought I should write to inform you that in 2009 I prepared my own Judicial Review File against a decision of Mike FULLER, Chief constable. I sent this to Royal Courts of Justice.

    Initially RCJ Registry denied receiving it. So I had to trace the delivery through post office who had a record of delivering it and obtaining a signature.

    RCJ then said they had found it. Next thing a parcel from RCJ arrived returning the file to me. Apparently it was not paginated in one run and they would not put it in front of a Judge. Anyway I sent it back and wrote to RCJ that if they wanted what was an obligatory Information of Treason to be amended in its pagination I would come along to RCJ with my pen and do it there. But a report of Treason is not allowed to be interfered with it must go before a Judge. (Misprision)

    The parcel in due course was returned to me and I returned it again. This time it was called for by person unknown from the Registry and disappeared. IE Stolen and denied access to a Judge.

    I decided to report this matter to the Senior Law Lord who appears to be "Monarch in parliament" and hence the highest judicial authority to whom discharge of a Treason report can be made. He refused to sign to acknowledge receipt of the report and indeed the parcel was posted back to me. Back and forth it went again. Until eventually the law lords secretary wrote with the catch all mean nothing explanation "It would not be appropriate that the Law Lord signs".

    It would be a burden to you to impose a full explanation of what this is about. But the same matter was afoot when the Home Secretary got FULLER's predecessor, David PHILLIPS, out of Kent Police without notice in 2003 to also take up a civilian sinecure.

    I did read that you fund a Chair in Irish History ? So I would mention that in 2003 General De Chasterlain made a report of concern to the Northern Ireland Office. About the decommissioning terms of the Good Friday Agreement and about whether his terms of reference empowered the arms de-commissioners to deploy to Kent to examine all firearms certificates issued by the force; activity at Kent Gun Ranges involving police; paramilitary training activity originally based 75 to 78 at Deal Marines Barracks; and that the decommissioning terms did not include the three planned IRA weapons of industrial sabotage, agricultural sabotage and poisons.

    If you are in contact with FBI then maybe they could do worse than look at the New York Fire Brigade explanation for the collapse of Tower Seven. The fact is that since 1987 Kent Police have refused to record crime complaints of sabotage of Petbow (later Cummins) backup generators. IE Police helped Petbow and the BIRD family protect their market share and no product re-examination in field occurred (An exercise which would have bankrupted Petbow/Auto Diesels)

    Included in the alleged sabotage methods was diesel transfer system over-pump (as Credit Suisse London 87 and Tower Seven 9.11 where 12,000 gallons of diesel was over-pumped into the fires consequent on the aircraft impacts) and diesel transfer systems non-pump (As in the two incidents at Guys Hospital 87 and 95). In the non-pump situation the small local tank emptying acts as a de facto delay timer to failure. Hence Guys then a major A and E, in a power cut emergency with trauma clearance would appear to be functioning on backup power. But twenty minutes later the backup diesel would run out of fuel and a hospital blackout would occur at height of initial trauma clearance.

  2. Guys Hospital had a three fault sequence alleged sabotage. Starting with mains monitor corruption (this is what switched mains power off the hospital in 87 and 95 as the backup genny control has auto control over incoming mains switching and it represents a point common to incoming mains power and control of emergency backup power) In 87 an engineer called John WOODBURN found that wiring had been changed in the control system for BP HQ backup generator system. In fact he had first reported sabotage in 1981 and had been told to keep quiet by management. So in 87 he was alarmed when investigating this wiring change to find that BP house incoming mains cut off (IE Same as Guys) but by selecting auto and closing the panel up mains restored. So mindful that he would be told to shut up again John left the lurking sabotage fault in situ.

    I have sent reports of concern over the years. Roger Evans MP Monmouth in 94 sent reports to DTI and MOD ministers. I will include a copy of a self explanatory letter I just sent Wales IPCC. Roger (a barrister) sent the Petbow concerns report together with my Plessey findings in which my technical explanation had in fact been subsequently agreed as correct by two MOD Procurement experts.

    In 2007 I compiled another report that my MP sent to Home Secretary. When Ian GREY was Scottish Energy minister he called for a report from me. I think he ordered Nuclear Police to second guess the HSE Nuclear Inspectorate reports into the serious nuclear incidents at Dounreay and Hunterston B due to backup genny failures. But I think the Nuclear Plod effort (Perhaps with Kent Plod shoot the messenger help ?) ended up nil action with Mike SMITH unqualified Head of nuclear security at DTI.

    For sure the technical reports never reached Dr WEIGHTMAN Head of Nuclear Inspectorate. I emailed him when he was given the duty to investigate UK nuclear security and safety after the Japanese tsunami. He emailed back within an hour requesting a copy of my 2007 report. I sent it and its receipt was acknowledged by energy secretary Chris HUHNE MP.
    Lord knows what sort of quids pro quo and shenanigans have gone on. Kent Police were cross case compromised when they conducted the Lawrence Inquiry into the Met murder inquiry.

    Kent Chief constable PHILLIPS got his backside kicked off the Rosemary NELSON murder inquiry (guised as being required too much in Kent ?) Then his deputy AYLING got to be official investigator for the Rosemary NELSON Inquiry tribunal (He also having carried out the LAWRENCE Inquiry) and on that tribunal sat former Gwent Chief BURDEN who was on the payroll of Reliance Security. The company who should have featured large in Kent Police investigation of the 1989 IRA bombing of Deal Barracks a crime associated with sabotage of backup generators consistent with Stage 3 of the OIRA Garland terrorist plan.

    I hope this has informed you about other concerns and confrontations with Mr FULLER. And perhaps another matter in which Attorney General has broken the law to get FULLER off the hook and, with him, STRAW, BLUNKETT and BLAIR (In my cases).

    Best wishes in your efforts

    Yours sincerely

    Richard Card

    Enc Copy letter to IPCC Lynette WHITE corrupt officer trial collapse.

  3. For those concerned about the bogus WMD case made to unlawfully invade Iraq. The above matters are not without relevance. In August 1997 (During Kent Plod LAWRENCE Inquiry) Sir John GRUGEON Chair of Kent Police Authority called on Chief constable for inquiry and report including into the security history of Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

    The Chief constable refused even though there appears to have been two common lines of inquiry with what Kent Police should have been investigating in the LAWRENCE Inquiry (3 if you add IRA supportive avowedly Marxist SWP). In 1999 (prior to trying to deploy Kent's Chief constable on Ropsemary NELSON murder inquiry in Ulkster) Jack STRAW refused to compel the inquiry called for by Kent POlice Authority.

    The rub includes that Deal Barracks security history inquiries should have included a company director who was in touch with Wouter BASSON. Whose Porton Down contact was Dr David KELLY. Of course the implication seems to be that two years before STRAW approved the WMD case in cabinet, STRAW was forbidding inquiry that might cast the WMD case into doubt ?

    What was the law that Kent Police Authority in 97 was calling on their Chief constable to enforce (Deal Barracks and to some exctent LAWRENCE case) it included the UNlawful Drilling Act 1819.

    Does that sound familiar. An Act later repealed by the Justice Minister. What was his name again ? Oh yes Jack STRAW.

    A person who knew something was afoot during the LAWRENCE Inquiry was Ros HOWELLS special advisor to Doreen LAWRENCE. Later Baroness Ros HOWELLS. Or more accurately won't comment Baroness Ros HOWELLS.

    And who else knew ? Imran KHAN the LAWRENCE solicitor. It is not known whether he briefed barrister Mickley MANSFIELD. The trustee of the British Irish Rights Watch charity.

    Now BIRW sent the Rosemary NELSON Tribunal Inquiry a submission accusing England based right wing paramilitaries of involvement in the murder.

    Ah. So would BIRW support the call for inquiry into such right wing paramilitaries as Sir John GRUGEON had wanted investigating. The matter that should have also been investigated for cross referrfal to Kent Plod's LAWRENCE inquiry.

    Strangely enough Mickey MANSFIELD's BIRW doesn't want the inquiry into Deal Barracks paramilitaries. Surely it isn't a case of we mustn't question the two sacred cows .. the LAWRENCE Inquiry and the WMD case for unlawful invasion of Iraq ?